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    When I first came to Japan, I knew very little about how to find vegan food. I couldn’t speak Japanese, and even if I were able to, I didn’t know what hidden ingredients were likely to render a vegan-looking dish non-vegan. Thankfully, I knew about a service called Happy Cow.

    Happy Cow is a platform for finding vegan, vegetarian, and vegetarian friendly restaurants. A restaurant will upload a profile with information about the store, including their operating hours and address, as well as what category of eaters they cater for.

    When looking for something to eat, a hungry veg*n simply has to open Happy Cow up and search for their current location; a map or list of nearby veg*n restaurants will be the result. Being able to filter for only vegan restaurants helped me out a lot!

    Happy Cow can be accessed directly for free through their homepage here. There are also paid apps available on the Google Play store (324 yen at the time of writing) and the Apple App Store (480 yen).
    I personally bought the app because I love and want to support the platform, but the web app is so easy to use that it’s not necessary, even if you’re on a smartphone.

    If you’re new to Japan, or just visiting for a short time, then welcome! There’s a lot of great veg*n food to be found here, if you know how to look for it!

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