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    Useful online stores

    One thing that makes up for the relative absence of veg*n products in Japanese supermarkets is the extreme value and efficiency of the Japanese postal system. We’re often able to find the food we need in online stores based in Japan, paying less money than we would in a regular store. And because of the speed of delivery, we can even receive items SOONER than if we had to go shopping for them. Here I’ll list the sites that I’ve found to be the most useful for finding veg*n items, in order of their usefulness. If you’re a traveler, you might have to check with your ho(s)tel about having a package delivered to their address.

    The queen of online shopping in many Western countries also has a strong presence in Japan, and you can easily find products unavailable in non-online stores. I recently started to buy a Dutch vegan dog food brand! Try finding that in your local pet supply store (and try finding one of those without cages full of tiny beasts).
    There doesn’t appear to be an English version of this site, but Google Translate should help those who struggle with Japanese squiggles. The name of this store is ‘health’ in Japanese, and health is what it does. There’s a lot of overlap between Amazon and Kenko-com, but it’s nice to be able to organise by category and get detailed product information that might be lacking on the former.
    An American site with a Japanese branch. Recent delivery times suggest that they have opened a warehouse in Japan, but some items may still be shipped from the States or another distribution center. You can set your region to Japan and your language to English on this site, making it probably the easiest to use out of the three. Less food and more supplement oriented.

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