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    On any food tour of Tokyo, gyoza (餃子) would have to be on most people’s list. Gyoza are a dumpling consisting of varying combinations of ground meat and vegetables covered with a thin dough wrapper, most commonly fried then steamed – though sometimes either simply boiled (sui gyoza) or deep fried (age gyoza). Gyoza are typically accompanied with a dipping sauce of soy, vinegar, and chilli oil (rayu).

    Many prefectures around Japan have their local variations on gyoza, with places like Tochigi and Shizuoka renown for their take on this national staple.

    Gyoza are found everywhere. Most Japanese pubs (izakaya) and restaurants will have them on their menu in one form or another. Most convenience stores will have them cooked and frozen. Supermarkets will have dozens of iterations.

    However, if you would like a pan-Japan gyoza experience, then the place to go is Gyoza Stadium in Ikebukuro. At Gyoza stadium there are around a dozen famous Gyoza shops from around the country serving around 100 different versions of gyoza.

    The gyoza are fantastic there, and as a bonus, adjacent is Dessert Alley where you can find an “Ice Shop” that has more than fifty flavours of ice cream including not only the usual suspects, but also more daring flavours like curry, beef, or crab (the latter being surprisingly good!)

    Gyoza Stadium is located inside Namco Namja Town indoor amusement park , which – in turn – is part of the massive Sunshine City complex housing an aquarium, museum planetarium and mall.

    Link below for information in English:

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