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    You can’t possibly visit Tokyo without sampling its myriad of ramen offerings.

    These days, one of my favourite go-to ramen areas is Shinatatsu Ramen (品達ラーメン麺 ) which is located outside Shinagawa station, a minute’s walk from the Takanawa exit. It is actually a “Ramen Street” or a collection of Ramen restaurants representing the creations of well-known ramen chefs throughout Japan.

    There are around 11 shops in total side-by-side; mainly ramen restaurants and a few other restaurants offering other non-ramen specialties like soba, Japanese curry, cutlet, rice bowl, or tantanmen. The whole area has recently re-opened after being refurbished, so it’s the perfect space to get your ramen fix. Here is a breakdown of what you will find there:

    • Shodai Keisuke初代けいすけ Black Miso ramen
    • Men’ya Shō麺屋翔 Shio ramen
    • Kibiきび Shoyu Ramen
    • Setagayaせたが屋 Tonkotsu and Shoyu ramen
    • Mōkotanmen’nakamoto蒙古タンメン中本Spicy Miso ramen
    • Nantsuttei なんつッ亭 Kumamoto-style ramen
    • Tetsu – tsukemen
    • New Tantanmen ニュータンタンメン Tantanmen
    • Zhangjiagang 張家 Sichuan cuisine
    • Go Go Curryゴーゴーカレー Japanese Curry
    • Suta Donburiすた丼 Rice Bowl

    Check out the website here http://www.shinatatsu.com/

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