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    Yokohama ie-kei Ramen is one of the easy-to-go-inside Ramen chain stores where non-Japanese visitors can taste Japanse “Tonkotsu” Ramen. Some good Ramen shops have complicated way of ordering Ramen but this chain Ramen shop is much easier. Customers can buy a “ticket” of your choice from the menu from a vending machine near the entrance and all you’ve got to do is to give it to the staff. But stuffs will ask three things. First, whether you want the noodle to be hard, normal or soft. Second, whether you want the soup to be thick, normal or weak (thin, diluted). The third is whether you want more pork fat, normal fat or less fat. For the fist time visitors, it might be better to choose normal. Stuffs might understand English word “normal”, but the Japanese word for “normal” is “futsu”, which is relatively easy, so why don’t you use the word “futsu”! Anyway, Yokohama ie-kei Ramen chain restaurants are easy to go inside and it serves a delicious “Tonkotsu” ramen, so why don’t you try it!

    • Some toppings, like, ginger, garlic, spinach, egg, sliced Japanese onion etc. are available at Yokohama ie-kei ramen shops. Rice is free. Japanese people somehow likes to eat with rice.

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