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    The Kamakura Sword Show Vol. VII will be held on the 4th and 5th of May (Golden Week)
    Over 30 genuine antique samurai swards for sale!

    Yoshida Gallery (2-12-33, 2nd floor Komachi, Kamakura. Tel: 046-724-9626)

    Only 5 minutes from Kamakura station!
    The Yoshida Gallery is a short walk from JR Kamakura Station’s East Exit, across the street from
    the lovely Yukinoshita Catholic Church. There will be a sign on the street in front of the gallery.
    The swords will be displayed on the 2nd floor.
    Unique Japan is very proud to announce that The Kamakura Sword Show Vol. VII will take place at Yoshida Gallery on the following dates:
    Saturday, May 4th (10am to 5pm)
    Sunday, May 5th (10am to 5pm)
    This is the weekend during Japan’s infamous “Golden Week”
    This is an opportunity to claim your very own piece of Japanese history.
    Ownership of a Japanese Samurai Sword is completely legal. Yoshida Gallery complies with all Japanese exportation requirements for the sword to be sent stateside FREE of charge for all clients.
    If you’ve had the privilege of having lived or travelled in Japan, an antique Samurai sword is the country’s most prized and celebrated keepsake. So much more than a simple souvenir, it will become a family heirloom for generations to cherish, preserve and remember you and your time in Japan by.
    This was Unique Japan’s seventh sword show in the city of Kamakura, the birthplace of the Kamakura Shogunate. Kamakura became the political center of Japan in 1192 and ended in 1333. It is widely held belief that the finest Samurai swords are meant to have been made during this period of time. http://new.uniquejapan.com/kamakura-sword-show/

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