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    What is Yokohama-Iekei Ramen?
    Yokohama-style ramen is a major group of ramen shops that originated in Kanagawa prefecture and expanded throughout the prefecture and nationwide, according to Yokohama Restaurant Guide. The soup is prepared with pork bones boiled over along period of time, combined with soy sauce flavor (including chicken parts), and with a generous portion of chicken oil floating on top, a unique style ramen. The flavor is rich, slightly generous in oil, and harder noodles, unique for accommodating customization according to order.

    The basic food ingredients consist of three pieces of dried seaweed, spinach, and char-shy (Chinese roasted pork slices). The noodles generally used are thick, wavy-noodles produced by “Sakai Noodle Factory,” along with other noodles commonly used from “Shashi Noodle Factory”, “Maruyama Noodle Factory,” “Marutomi Noodle Factory” and so on. Currently, the “Yoshimuraya” owner Minoru Yoshimura’s flavors are succeeded by his immediate disciples and their disciples exceeding 300. The main “Yoshimuraya” shop that heads the group of ramen chain is highly successful, lined daily by an average of 1,500 customers. eight ramen shops are certified member ramen shops under the Yoshimura Group. Which are Sugitaya, Hajimeya, Kanniya, Oudouya, Matsuriya, Yokoyokoya, Takamatsuya and Atsugiya.

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